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New York, NY 10165
United States


Klaracon is a General Contracting company based in New York City that is driven by streamlined processes, quality workmanship, and a highly efficient way of working with clients. 



Klaracon is a GENERAL CONTRACTING company
based in New York City that is driven by
STREAMLINED processes, QUALITY workmanship,
and a highly EFFICIENT way of working with clients. 




Workflow System

Our workflow systems provide efficiency throughout the entire project. Through our own proprietary platform, information can easily be tracked and distributed to sub-contractors, vendors, architects, engineers and clients ensuring a process that is simple and transparent.


Action Method

Our approach to project management is biased toward action so that projects can continually be pushed forward. By utilizing innovative task management software, team members can focus on the required next step allowing projects to happen in the most efficient and timely way. 


Real Time Communications

We adopted a real time communications approach designed to simplify how information is shared and to enhance project efficiency.  Using an online platform progress can be shared with the client and architect in real time as Klaracon team members contribute data (photos, updates, deliveries, activities) directly from the job-site.